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                Position : Home > About Us > Our Advantage

                ABOUT US


                Experienced R & D Group:

                In Italy, the source of a large number of high-end automated production line talents and exquisite equipment, we set up a branch as our research and development base. Italian branch office consists of more than 10 R&D specialists, wholly integrated European’s fabrication process and advanced technology; while the headquarters Innocentre has more than 70 senior technical engineers. PharmaPack congregate advanced technology all over the word to supply the most advanced and guaranteed technology support for our customers.

                1.     One-stop service system, we will supply the most perfect “turn-key” packaging solutions for every customers:

                        Smart Bottle Packaging Lines
                        Smart Inspection Packaging Lines
                        Smart Flexible Packaging Lines

                        Smart Secondary Packaging Lines

                2.     We have industry-leading servo control technology:

                New servo control with self-detection to replace old cylinder, the flapper free of dust effect ,more stable, longer life-span, lower maintaince cost; multiple modular design concept, from 1 to N, can better meet different customer requirement.

                3.     Independent research and development according to market demand:

                Induction seal detection system, track & trace system and more.

                4.     we assisted in the development of the national standards for Tablet & Capsule Counters, Tablet Counting Lines, Ink-jet Printers, Labeler.

                5.     Our scientific research has contributed to the advancements in electronic counting and anti-counterfeiting ink-jet technology.

                6.     We are a state-certified high-tech enterprise with more than 120 patents.

                Marketing and Service Network:

                Pharmapack has a well-developed global marketing and service network. Guangzhou facilities serve as the sales and manufacturing centers, setting up branch offices in South China, North China, East China, South-West China to provide service for customers. North America, Italy and India facilities are our global reach subsidiaries . Providing more than 450 smart bottle packaging lines globally ,of which over 350 lines are for pharmaceutical industry. 
                Ingenuity Achieves Excellent Quality

                Tested by internationally certified companies, our equipment has passed the evaluation of CE, UL Certify, CSA and is in compliance with GAMP, FDA (CFR21), cGMP, and TGA standards.